Brain Dump #2


Lately, I’ve been feeling tired a lot. I wake up and hit snooze more than I used to. I can’t tell you what changed exactly. Maybe I have less to feel excited about in the mornings. I’m not sure.

When Covid forced us into quarantine, I still woke up around 430 AM on weekdays. I still did my morning rituals and charged myself up to sit at home and get work done. Now I wake up around 5 AM — sometimes even 530 AM — and I still work out, do my reading, my writing, but I don’t feel as excited as I used to. Maybe it's ‘burnout’ from a long year. Maybe I’m tired of things not moving — tired of the stagnation that COVID has brought into my life.

Anyway, I’m going on holiday soon so I’m excited about that. I’m hoping when the new year starts in January, things will pick back up and I can stop ‘planning’ and start implementing.

We’ll see.



Yours Truly, KK (the Artist)

Yours Truly (Kimathi Kaumbutho) is a Spoken Word/Poetry writer/performer, a GRAND SLAM AFRICA Champion, and Toronto Poetry Slam Champion from Nairobi, Kenya.